Smart Coating Technology

The properties of surfaces determines central product features, like colour, shine, smell, texture, haptics, skin compatibility, frictional behaviour, electric conductivity, self cleaning, corrosion, resistance, anti-bacterial and anti-reflexive qualities. But also switchable and intelligent surface parametres.

Based on the Smart Coating Technology and the use of properties such as self organization we develop specially designed nano- or biopolymers for the creation of defined layered systems in the nm-area.

Chemically defined surface
modification of various materials:

  • Electroplating metals (Au, Pt, Ag, Cu, Ni, Pd, Rh, nearly all metals and alloys)
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Titan
  • Silicon, glass
  • several polymers
  • Textiles

Defined set of
surface properties:

  • Dirt-, water-, oil proof
  • Protecting basic materials and alloys against oxidation and discoloration
  • Adhesion promotion and conversion, finely adapted to the contact materials (attitudes of the surface energy)
  • Bioactive properties

We develop according to your demands especially conformist functional coatings for the highest surface claims. or provide you by our proven coating systems. We focus our developments to comply with the highest quality standards- verified by load tests, a maximum process security, an optimized environmental compatibility and a high economic efficiency. Furthermore, we optimize established systems for coating process and integrate the newest technologies, as for example plasma pretreatment for the cleaning and activation of surfaces.