Mission oriented Research and Development

As a spin off from Max-Planck-Institute of Colloids and Interfaces (MPI-KGF) we take on compact projects of research about nano-, bio- and surface Technology. With costly developed methods in SPM, like DPFM and CFM, NanoCraft is unique in imaging surfaces conventionally (topographic, elastic) as well as chemical sensitively down to the molecular scale.

Understanding and analyzing surface processes on the nano- and µ-scale is most essential for the success in the development of novel surface systems. Through this, the development of efficient coating systems for nano- and biotechnological products can be accelerated.

Through interdisciplinary discussions of our results during the research process, we obtain the best outcome. By this, we provide a powerful interpretation and attractive documentation of the requested research.

We guarantee the secrecy of the discussions with our scientists via phone or personally at your ocation. We look forward to perform the powerful possibilities in a lecture.

In the framework of a mission oriented research we offer:

  • a range of advanced analytical tools with qualified scientific supervision
  • detailed scientific consultation
  • evaluation, analysis and interpretation of the results
  • documentation & report with high-quality pictures ready for publication
  • presentation of the results in a seminar at the location of the client
  • switching of cooperation partners


Would you like to receive further information?

Just phone the +49 7733 948445 or e-mail to analytics@nanocraft.de.