Innovative surface protection, cleaning and coating-systems according to application


Jewellery: patented, efficient protection systems against oxidation and staining of silver, gold, brass and all other related alloys and metals. Products for the application in mass production as well as for small shops and gold smiths. Water, solvent and paste based systems for the protection, cleaning and polishing are available.


Water-based approach protection systems of silver surfaces and oxidation protection systems of nearly all metals used in the jewelry industry, incl. approach protection systems with permanent protection. Moreover, cleaning solutions, modification and blackening systems for silver and silver alloys.

Nanocoatings for techincal applications

Adjustable functional layers / conductive and solderable contact and oxidation protection systems for a variety of metals and materials used in the electronics and semiconductor industries (PCB, LED Frame, Contact plug...)

Metall processing

Cleaning and activation (Chemically / plasma)

Passivation, adhesion promotion and conversion

Permanent corrosion protecting systems

Cleaning and activation

Special cleaning solutions and activation solutions for various applications

Plasma cleaning and activation