Nanolayer systems for the electronic & semiconductor industry

Coating systems based on the the Smart Coating technology use specially developed self assembly techniques applying Nano-or biopolymers for the formation of layers ofnanometer scale. They are distinguished with high functionality or protective without applying any chrome, metal or any Nanoparticles. They are water-based, freely from toxic materials like Trichlosane, Pb, Cr, Ti, CD, Hg, Cyanides or halogens and are conform to the EU directives: EU old car prescription (200 / 53 / the EC) and RoHS (in 2002 / 95 / the EC).

Quality standards:

To the backup of our production quality our products are checked regularly in addition to the internal high-class control by the institute of non classical chemistry inc. of the University of Leipzig.

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pronice aqua: Ultrathin conductive & solderable silver protection

Based on the Smart Nano-Coating and at the application of the most modern Nanoanalytics an efficient coating system against the tarnishing of silver surfaces was developed. Compared to conventional methods this new high quality protective system for silver surfaces is of high permanence. pronice aqua: is water-based, free of organic solvents, optically invisible due the the low layer thickness, it protects efficiently against oxidation and discoloration, is dirty-unfriendly/waterproof and solderable. The protective system is free of particles- and heavy metal ions. Special Bio-polymers adsorb onto the silver surface and bond up to a few Nanometer-thick protective and conductive layer. Areas of application: Technical silver surfaces, electric contacts (LED Frames, PCBs), electroplating industry.

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pronice aqua med: Ultrathin conductive silver protection for medical applications

The silver-approach protection pronice aqua med is based on the well established pronice aqua protection system. It´s optimized for the medicine technology area and tested for Cytotoxity. Due to the non toxic properties in biological systems it´s admitted in this sensitive technology area.

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proContact: Ultrathin conductive & solderable nano protection system for electric contacts

The developed refining procontact can be applied in a huge number of electric contact applications and protects the contact locations against contamination, mechanical load and corrosion. and with it against contact loss. This is even under retention of the electric qualities of the base material (e.g. Au, Ag, Cu, Ni, Sn ...). The mechanical qualities distinguish themselves by a high hardness and stability under mechanical load. The special contamination-diminishing qualities of the coating procontact appear, e.g., in the suppression of the tin/gold affinity. Areas of application: Technical silver surfaces, electric contacts, electroplating industry.

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