Cleaning and Activation Systems

Our cleaning systems are distinguished with high functionality or protective without applying any chrome, metal or any Nanoparticles. They are water-based, freely from toxic materials like Trichlosane, Pb, Cr, Ti, CD, Hg, Cyanides or halogens and are conform to the EU directives: EU old car prescription (200 / 53 / the EC) and RoHS (in 2002 / 95 / the EC).

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Ox25: Efficient water based chemical and activating system for metal processing

Ox25 is suited ideally as pretreatment system for coating as a non abrasive and residue free cleaning system, for metalls like aluminium, stainless steel, cupper, titanium, zinc, nickel.... The water-based solution is activating and strongly degreasing the surface without damaging the protecting metal oxide. The cleaning system is optimized especially for the industrial serial mass production. OXcleaner15 is achieving fast cleaning results under simple conditions. Areas of application: Metal-processing industry, coating industry

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UScleaner30: Ultra sonic cleaner

UScleaner30 is suited ideally as ultrasonic- cleaner for residue freecleaning/degreasing cleaning. UScleaner30 is a uinversal cleaner for nearly all current metals. The water-based solution acts damage free and non abrasive and achieves fastly high cleaning results. Areas of application: Metal-processing industry, coating industry

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BioClean series: long lasting Anti microbial cleaning

On the basis of natural active substances bactericial and fungicide active BioClean products are destinguished ,beside their high cleanaing apility, also by long lasting antmicrobial impact. BioClean products contains natural active substances to achieve high antimicrobial and antifungi effect. The bacterial inhibition achieves long lasting reduction of > 99.99% . The fungi inhibition achieves > 99%. Areas of application: Cleaning in hygiene-sensitive areas.

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pronice Cleaner: Chemical Cleaning for silver surface

pronice Cleaner cleans tarnished silver simply and actually. The cleaning does not act abbressive but purely chemically i.e. the original shine of the silver surface is restored. In combination with pronice Spray you receive a perfectly cleaned and protected silver surface. Areas of application: Goldsmiths and silversmiths, small users and private users, decorative silver surfaces.

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STcleanP18: Cleaning for stainless steels with hydrophobic and protection effect

pronice steelclean cleans stainless steel and chromium-plateditems effictively generates a hydrophobic prtecting layer coating on the metal. Due to the additional lime-solving effect, it is well suited for the Sanitary area.
Areas of application: House cleaner - sanitary area

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